Game Scenarios

Topic : Distracted Driving Scenario 1: Taking Photos (read about it)You just came out of a party with your friends and they ask you if you can drop them off somewhere and you agree. while you are driving the person in the back asks you if you can take a picture of the whole group […]

Digital skills and literacy article

 I really enjoyed the article as it was short and to the point. I enjoyed learning the difference between digital skills and digital literacy.Once I read the title I thought to myself wether there was a difference between the digital skills and digital literacy but I had no idea they are so different. fortunately I […]

Reflection on Games

Game 1, Spent : I loved hoe the game made me aware of every action and its circumstances that might happen which is affecting not only my character in the game but also his children, fearing that I might hurt him any way or disappoint him or maybe be sacrifice some essentials parts of his […]