Flipping the Script

Non complimentary behavior – How I feel like when someone is talking when I’m talking  https://goo.gl/images/TbcyUp please open link to see the gif, Since i can’t upload it here 😦  

Exploring Digital Literacies

Digital Confidence Profile: First thing I had to do is that I had to see and rate myself on how I saw technology and how i interfere with it. Just before you see a screenshot of my relationship with it, I have to be honest about that but I really do dislike technology, yes this…

Final Narrative Game

This is the link for the final narrative game on animal abuse , hope you all like it x

Soliya Final Reflection

Soliya’s dialogue (Connect Program Compact) differs a lot from other types of online communications I use. Such as twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook and rarely skype. First, the difference that I encountered was that I was talking to people I have never ever and never will bump into by chance, coming from different backgrounds and ethnicities….

Face your Fears

Alternative to missed assignment Face your Fears. What is your biggest fear? Is it spiders… heights… snakes… needles? Have you ever thought about what your fear might think of you?  Write a short story of a terrifying event from the perspective of your fear.  You never know… they might be just as scared as you…


The reading of Kimberle Crenshaw made me understand what intersectionality is said to be. What I understood is that when the author discussed Black feminism , ( Black woman) that no one can ever understand how she’s like by just being a ” black woman” but inorder to understand one you must go though the…

Soliya Reflection

Soliya, has been a new way for me to get to know people. The first session for me, I was very early to it and I was there talking to the facilitator and trying to know her more, as we waited for people to join. Then two people joined from the US and Tunisia. And…