One last ride

Lets just say this has been one of the most diverse course I have ever taken in terms of content and activities, especially in


One of the activities we have done in class was presenting different Mozilla article, and although each group had found an int

Power Media

Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood. Many problems you can exp

The Spy in My Pocket

In episode 4 in Do Not Track, the speaker starts out by talking about all the apps she has on her phone such as Facebook, Spot

Soliya Reflection

First, I would like to say the ‘Soliya’ experience was one of a kind to me. Since I am extremely introvert person,

The Virtue Game Final Reflection

I created the Virtue game because I wanted everyone one to acknowledge her/himself more and about the values they have. Many p

The Virtue Game

I tried to create a simple game that will test your personal values. This game is designed to test whether or not you have cer

Read, Blog, Comment

In all honesty, before I read the article, “Design Justice: towards an intersectional feminist framework for design theo

Prototype Game Design

As I believe that acquiring certain virtue is not an easy task, but rather, it requires lots and lots of efforts that will put

CLT Symposium

Last week, Dr. Maha asked us to attend a symposium about how AUC faculty use teaching innovations in their classrooms, digital