Join Us for Liberating (Virtual) Lunches

Want to try out some liberating structures and have engaging conversations with colleagues? Want to make sure you carve out so

Want to Imagine a Socially Just Academia? @socialjustacad

I’m so proud and excited to announce the launch of our project Imagining a Socially Just Academia (@socialjustacad) which is

Reciprocity of Openness

At some point in the summer, I realized that people who were having to teach online because of COVID-19 were struggling about

Launching: Community-Building Resources for Online Teaching via @unboundeq @oneheglobal #unboundeq

So many people who are new to online have been asking about how to build community online – not just teacher to student, but

Digital Affect (Emotional Presence?) and Continuity with Care during COVID-19

I don’t have a lot of time to write this post. Like many who read this blog, I’m involved in trying to prepare our

Arab and Egyptian Perspectives on Digital Literacies

Every semester, students want more in my course to do with Egyptian context. Although we always relate everything in the cours

Video Inspirations for Kinesthetic Class Activities RE Bias, Othering, Etc #unboundeq

For a long time, my students have asked me to do more in-class activities similar to my modified privilege walk which focuses

Social and Cultural Capital as the Main Problem with Online Learning

I was reading a (great) article about the problem of othering (which I am using in class and in Equity Unbound this semester)

Comment on The Finale by Maha Bali

Thanks for this, Yahia, and I am so gratified to know that your game was useful beyond the class - it *should* be, that's why

Comment on Importance of Open-Access Useful Information by Maha Bali

This is an excellent post with great connections to Egypt and I am also glad you made connections to the Mozilla articles on o