Final Reflection

I learned that I am not comfortable with online classes or to be more specific with online discussions.However I also learned

Tools reflection

Starting with Google Docs,I discovered that they are useful in almost most of the courses I took and in any papers I want to w

Digital Pathway

Firstly, I choose the theory path, because I enjoy learning more through reading and I found that this would be the most benef

11/05/2020 This Instagram account, is really joyful and helps me focusing on what is important like

Class 4/5/2020

Firstly, I learnt that not only do government officials impact the way our life is but that private corporations also have an

Soliya Reflection

This experience was really new and exciting to me; the dialogue in connect express was truly unique and different from other t

Digital narrative game reflection

My final game is about a graduating-senior college student at the AUC, and how you have to adapt your daily life routine after

PART 2: Background Research

My daily routine and responsibilities has definitely been altered, just like most of the people around the world, to adapt to

Time Management for Online Learning

When reading this chapter, I felt like I already know most of the information/techniques that are being said.As simple and bas

Digital Games reflection

Sleep-deprived mom game, I felt like I could not relate to this game a lot, yet I was curious to know what are the challenges