A Look Into “Information Equity” and “Digital Redlining, Access and Privacy”

I read two articles for this assignment, one titled Information Equity and the other titled Digital Redlining, Access and Privacy. To be honest, I never really heard the term “information equity” before reading this article so going, I did not know what to expect. From just the wording, I was able to get a brief… Continue reading A Look Into “Information Equity” and “Digital Redlining, Access and Privacy”

CLT Symposium

The CLT Symposium was a beneficial experience because I was exposed to different areas of teaching or learning, especially with the Educational Psychology course I am currently taking. I attended the keynote “Teaching in an Age of Complexity: Considering Open, Participatory and Equitable Pedagogies” by Catherine Cronin. Catherine Cronin, of the National Forum for the… Continue reading CLT Symposium