The Final Reflection

I don’t even know where to begin. This course was what you could say my light of the semester. Through the darkness of e

Contribution to the Course

When I first read the description for this assignment I had no idea what I wanted to contribute to the class. I reflected back

#FindGalla Curation Project

Some of you may have seen the viral #FindGalla that went around during the last two months. If not, here is a recap. Omar El G

Do Not Track: Episode 3: “Like Mining”

For this assignment, I watched Episode 3: Like Mining. The episode revolves around how what we do in our daily lives on the in

Soliya Final Reflection

Soliya was a very new yet exciting experience for me. I only attended two sessions due to my busy schedule as well as the fact

Digital Narrative Game: Final Draft Since the first draft, Farida Swellem and I added new scenarios that depict others aspects

A Look Into “Information Equity” and “Digital Redlining, Access and Privacy”

I read two articles for this assignment, one titled Information Equity and the other titled Digital Redlining, Access and Priv

Digital Narrative Game Design

For my digital narrative game, I partnered up with Farida Swellem. We chose a topic that is so dear to my heart which is: Spec

CLT Symposium

The CLT Symposium was a beneficial experience because I was exposed to different areas of teaching or learning, especially wit

Digital Narrative Games

I played a total of 6 games: 2 in class which were Spent and Syrian Refugee and 4 at home which were Female Fighter, Domestic