Core 2096 Final Reflection

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Reflection on the Soliya Program

  It is my first time to be engaged in a connect program such as Soliya. Soliya was a different experience than my other

Fake News Recognition

  I used to believe the stories I was being told or the ones I read on the web. I did not use to doubt things since my ba

Modifying the Education Process: Reflection on CLT Anniversary Event

Education is a complicated process, I believe that both the instructor and the student should exert great efforts. The Co-desi

Soliya Reflection I

I liked the experience till now. Getting directly introduced to people from different cultures and having the chance to direct

Intersectionality and Violence against Women

Having read the article “Mapping the Margins: Intersectionality, Identity Politics And Violence Against Women of Color&r

Non-complementary Behavior

I do not think I had personally went through a non-complementary behavior, but I remember a situation that happened to someone

Illiteracy Game! Advertisements

Digital Narrative Games Reflection

Spent Game: Spent game is an interesting one. However, what makes it sometimes really tough is the limited options that we oug

Polarization and Gated Communities in Egypt

Having read “Power, Polarization and Tech” , it reminded me of how the gated communities companies do use the conc