Final Reflection:

Digital literacies course was by far one of the most entertaining, thoughtful and effective classes I’ve had in the univ

Digital Literacies Pathway

For my pathway, I choose the taught pathway as I found it the most interesting with teaching me material that I wasn’t s

Tools Reflection

One of the many different things about this course than other courses is the tools that we have used throughout the semester.

Soliya reflection

To me Soliya was a different experience from other types of communication that we use on a daily basis. This is because Soliya

“On Sports in Egypt” game final reflection

During the creation of the game and the data collection process, I gathered a lot of information about how our system in Egypt

Algorithms of Oppression

For this assignment I choose to annotate the reading: “Engine Failure: Safiya Umoja Noble and Sarah T. Roberts on the Pr

My games first draft

Attached below is a link of my game “ON SPORTS IN EGYPT”. I would like you to please play it and give me feedback


First scenario: You decide to continue with playing your sport, but decide to change schools as the new school doesn’t t

Digital Confidence Profile

After knowing my ‘Digital Profile’ results and having read the article “Knowing the Difference Between Digit

Game Research

After many years of trying out many different sports, I have concluded that playing any sport is very important for oneself an