Final Reflection: Part 2

Reflection on 6 Tool I used in Class: is a tool that allows you to annotate online content and share your annotati

Final Reflection: Part 1

Here is also its link in case you want to see it on Canva: Final Reflection Part 1. Enjoy Reading 🙂

Exploring Cultures Around The World

Participating in Soliya was one of the most intercultural experiences I have ever had. It exposed me to different cultures, an

Final School Visit Reflection

Life is not just about living, it is all about learning and experience. On November 28th, my team and I went to our last schoo

MindFulMaze Game

An emotional intelligence game that will help the player learn how to be emotionally intelligent. To be emotionally intelligen

Digital Narrative Game First Draft

Five scenarios for ‘Emotional Intelligence’ game: Scenario 1: Classroom Conflict You are in a classroom discussion and dis

Adapting with changes

Experiential learning does not stop at a certain point. On October 31st, we went to our second school visit. Before our visit,

Reflection on VIA Survey

My top 5 character strengths are honesty, spirituality, love of learning, fairness, and judgment. They all were as I expected

Pre Soliya reflection 

Notes:  I have learned about: What questions do you still have about these topics, and how might you use your Soliya experien

Narrative Games Reflection

Playing different digital narrative games was one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve ever had. They were enjoyable not b