Digital Pathway/ Benefit Pathway

We were supposed to choose a pathway as an assignment from four options, they are Tinkering, Taught, Theory, and Twisting. I c

Phase 5 reflection

The game is basically about making different choices about dogs, you choose and it takes you to a certain path depending on yo

The screen surveillance

I attended an event called screen surveillance. We watched a video showing us a female student which has no enough money to ob

Ethical Balancing workshop

I attended a workshop by Anne-Marie Scott, We talked about different principles that should be implemented in an educational

Final reflection

The CORE 2096 was a different course than the usual ones. I felt it was really making me understand new aspects and use differ

A humble perspective

Fall 2020 was the worst learning experience for me. During the semester, I do not feel that I learn anything. We are just talk

Platforms and their specifications

There are different platforms that could be used for teaching, each and every platform has some advantages and disadvantages w

Empathy or apathy?

Empathy, it is agreed that it is the ability or capability to feel other people’s feelings and sensations. Empathy will not


I created a narrative game. I encourage you to try it, please allow yourself to add comments on how was your reaction. This ga

Research for the narrative game

I did research before constructing the narrative game about dogs. I included five topics, they are training, feeding, treatmen