Final Reflection

What I learned in this course (whether you gained knowledge, skills or attitudes):About myselfThe main thing I learned through

Theory Path 3

Article 3:       I chose this article as I wanted to

Theory Path 2

Article 2: This aspect of digital literacy

Theory Path 1

Article Discussed:     In the current age w

Self Development Reflection 2:

    At the start of me doing the gratitude journal, I simply saw it as just another assignment I had to do for a class. I a

Self Development Reflection 1:

     For the self development reflection, I picked the gratitude journal option. Out of all the options, this one seemed t

Digital Pathways

    After doing the test, with the results posted above, I found that overall I was comfortable/competent in most aspects t

Coded Bias Reflection (Option 2) (Pixabay)   I did not watch the film, I picked

Reflection on the Mays Imad Session

The ideas that Mays Imad brought forward in both the Trauma-informed pedagogy video and the zoom session have been eye opening

Digital Narrative Game Research

In the age of digital information, news is a wide spread resource from various providers. And with this availability, there ex