Design Justice

Key points learned: The concept of intersectionality is one that describes how oppressive systems such as class, gender or race are concepts that are interconnected and should be viewed and treated together, rather than separately. The matrix of domination is a concept closely linked to intersectionality, it is a sociological paradigm that explains those issues … Continue reading Design Justice

CLT Symposium

I attended a student-faculty workshop called “Transforming Learning Environments via Student Partnership,” where we were seated around different tables, which consisted of a combination of students and faculty, each table included a facilitator that drove the conversations as well as the activities. The activities mainly aimed to help us critically think about the ways in … Continue reading CLT Symposium

Alternative CV

I created this collage as a representation for my life. I chose to make the background a book page, as I spend a lot of my free time reading & placed the outline of Egypt in the middle to represent where I come from, as I’m strongly influenced by the Egyptian culture. However the traditions … Continue reading Alternative CV