Final Course Reflection

Tools reflection

Tools and furniture: There were two main differences between the “smart” classroom we took this course in and other regula

Privacy#2: Coded Bias

I watched the 2020 documentary “Coded Bias” which you can find on Netflix. A crucial point the documentary showcased is th

Privacy #1: Exploring the Data Detox Kit

I explored the Data Detox Kit which you can find here: Reflecting on the the Data Detox Kit;

Digital Narrative Game Part 5

The game was modified as per Dr. Bali’s comments on part 4 of the game and some of changes were made; firstly, there were a

Self-Development/ Wellbeing Assignment

Up until 10th grade I was a below average student. But in the summer of 2017, I decided that I was sick of always almost faili

Soliya Reflection

I found the Soliya connect express dialogue to be quite different and unique when compared to other types of online communicat

Choose Your Digital Literacies Pathway

Part 1: I began the “Choose Your Digital Literacies pathway” assignmentby taking the digital skills test; Here are my resu

Digital Narrative Game Part 4: First draft

Here is the 1st draft of my game of the struggles and hardships Palestinians face in their daily lives under the Zionist occu

Digital Narrative Game Part 3: Prototype

Here is a video explaining the prototype of my game ! Here is the full prototype, feel free to download it and zoom