Final Reflection


I found an article on the telegram newspaper by Steve Bartlett, who is a SaltWire Network’s senior managing editor, titl

Curation: Digital Literacies & Intercultural Learning in Egypt

I think the most important topic we covered in this course was digital literacy. Therefore, I went ahead and interviewed sever

Soliya Reflection Paper

Soliya is a different communication platform in many ways, let me start with the technical ones such as no two people can talk

Do not Track

After watching episode 4 l, the spy in my pocket, I learned that everything is monitored and stored to be sold. Every info abo

Are you thirsty? Final draft

I modified this game based on the comments of several professors and students, but unfortunately, I couldn’t address all

Are you thirsty? Draft 1

Are you thirsty is a narrative game about water crisis in Africa. People living in tjese places suffer a lot for what we consi

Do you have enough information?

Simple information is taken for granted nowadays because it is super easy to get. However, this amount of useful information i

Game Idea

My choice is a bit redundant but I really think there can be a lot more done about it. Eager to know what it is? It is somethi

CLT reflection

I attended a workshop on Monday March 4th titled “Transforming Learning Environments via Student Partnership” It w