Are you thirsty? Draft 1

Are you thirsty is a narrative game about water crisis in Africa. People living in tjese places suffer a lot for what we consider norrmal. This game will try to simulate some of the horrors they go through in their daily lives.
You can play the game he…

Game Idea

My choice is a bit redundant but I really think there can be a lot more done about it. Eager to know what it is? It is something that billions, yes you read that right, of people suffer from especially in poor countries. Surprise surprise, it is water.The horrors that these people go through to … Continue reading Game Idea

CLT reflection

I attended a workshop on Monday March 4th titled “Transforming Learning Environments via Student Partnership” It was about getting both students and faculty to work together to enhance the learning experience. Since my group was all faculty but me, I got a pretty good idea about how professors think. They’re always between either including students … Continue reading CLT reflection

Digital Profile

This exercise was beneficial for me as I learned that I’m quite comfortable using new technology and most existing tools. This is because as a computer science senior, I learned how to deal with many problems that come my way. Furthermore, I can help others with the technical difficulties they might face. The one aspect … Continue reading Digital Profile