Final Reflection

Even though it’s my final blog in this course, it won’t be my final blog forever. Through this course I learned ho

Contribution – Social Media Ethics

Throughout the semester, we got to learn about ourselves and each other, while also learning about the culturally different &l

Curation – Egychology

Egychology is a YouTube channel created by Ahmed Samir in 2015. Ahmed Samir is an Egyptian Youtuber who graduated from the Ame

Do Not Track – Breaking Ad

In 2012, Brett Gaylor, a filmmaker and longtime open web advocate, designed what’s called the “Do not Track”

Soliya Reflection

Soliya’s Connect Program is an online cross-cultural education program integrated into curriculum that provides young ad

Game Final Draft Reflection

In this draft, I changed confusing scenarios and narrowed down the rules of the game to the US/Egypt traffic conventions. Furt

“No Need for Speed” Game

Hi guys Below is the link of my game first draft. Basically, you will go through car accidents scenarios in which you need to

Design Justice Reflection

Design is often used to refer to expert knowledge and practices contained within a particular set of professionalized fields,

Game Design Prototype

In 2013, 54 million people worldwide sustained injuries from traffic collisions. This resulted in 1.4 million deaths in 2013,

CLT Reflection

Reimagining Education The workshop was presented by Alec Couras a professor in Education faculty at the University of Regina.