Looking Back at Soliya

Overall the Soliya exchange portal has been very beneficial. The essence and ideology behind the program is excellent, the biggest problem however is with the implementation. Over the course of the program I’ve heard the same complaints of not having enough people attending the sessions. This is very problematic because if people don’t show up… Continue Reading →

Online Security – Presentation

In this presentation Mostafa Yasser and I will be exploring online security. We will be talking about things to look out for, things you can do to be safer online as well as discussing “can one be safe in an online learning experience?” and finally explore a different perspective regarding “Hackers” and the growing trend… Continue Reading →

The Soliya Experience: Week 3

Another week, another Soliya session and I’m starting to sense patterns. Every week we start our discussions with a few activities, this week was no different. Every week the activities are slightly different however the end goal is more or less the same “getting us to talk”. Talking for most of us has become more… Continue Reading →

The Soliya Experience: Week 1

The Platform: Soliya is an online web conferencing platform that connects users from all parts of the world in the form of audio/visual discussions. I took part in my first discussion on the 24th of October, 2017. The group consisted of 6 people including myself and a 7th person referred to as a “facilitator” so… Continue Reading →