Global Studies Course Reflection

    Discovering own identities, culture, and biases Most important?  Something I never thought of before taking

DS106 Assignment

While going through DS106 Assignment Bank, many assignment got my attention, from videos, designs, audio to visuals. There are


Our Different Experiences Through Different Cultures Collaboration with Mirna Gabr. Advertisements

Freedom Of Speech

Freedom of Speech: The Difference Between the US and Egypt Freedom of speech is an important factor that helps any community a

My Soliya Experience

Soliya has been a very interesting program to be a part of. It pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and interact and talk t

Soliya wk 4

Continuing on the previous blog post, my experience during the fourth week of Soliya was one of the best times. at first, we w

Soliya Reflection wk 3

So the last two weeks of Soliya have been interesting. We were able to freely communicate on a new level without a lot of help

Intercultural Communication – Reflection Reading

Stumbling Blocks in Intercultural Communication The six stumbling blocks Assumption of Similarities  Most problems that a

Soliya First Experience – WK 1

Soliya is an international organization that aims to prepare the next generation from around the world to globally work togeth


Natural disasters are very common in many areas of the world. It is a problem that some communities have to go through every f