Final Course Reflection


Exploring Digital literacies Activity

– 1- This is my digital confidence profile, in this activity we have to evaluate ourselves on these five steps and to sa

Soliya reflection

My first experience in soliya was not bad. Regardless the connection part. I really like how they gathered different people fr

“Flipping the script”

I have a very interesting Story about flipping the script term. Two of my friends were in US and they were in a night club and

My game Advertisements

The perfect Match ? My game about marriage

We all know that getting married has become a problem nowadays in Egypt and in Egyptian society specially. Egyptians go for la

Prototype Game

I am thinking of doing a game about suffering marriage costs. This game will portrait the bulk of money that brides and grooms

Reflection on a game called Depression Quest

This game give a clear idea on pepole that are living with depression. I like how the game portrayed that by using difficult q

Reflection on BBC Syrian Refugees game

I like the game alot, although this was my first time to play a fame like this. I like the way that we have to chose the decis

Reflection on CLT “Center For Learning and Technology”

I attended one of the CLT conferences. It was the first day and the speakers were really good in introducing new ways of using