Final Reflection

This paper is a preliminary attempt to revisit my overall experience in Digital Literacies course.  What i learned in this co

Self development post #3

This post, i would love to share some actions that i’m intending to take in order to work on my weaknesses. I’ve always be

Self development post #2

I believe in my first self development, i stated that my challenges during the online learning outweighed the benefits. Howeve

Digital Game Part 5

This game portrays the difficulties that a physically disabled individual face on their daily basis while walking in the Egypt

Reflection Soliya

Soliya’s program was a great experience from my personal experience. I am a very shy person and i rarely talks or share my o

Digital literacies pathway

Step 1: a) Digital confidence profile b) Screenshot Step 2:  According to the article named “Knowing the Difference Between

Coded Bias + Engine Failure

Film: Quotes: Meredith Broussard: we all have unconscious bias and we embed this bias in technology”. This statement was sta

First Draft of Digital Game–v0rmTK_BW20x9xMaClAQxhoNA/viewform?usp=sf_link

Something that delights me

This is a picture of AUC’s bus. I used to rebel that I ride the bus for almost 3 hours per day. However, when we re

Dr. Mays Imad Reflection

Dr. Mays Imad started the talk by asking everyone “how is your heart?” and she referred that there could be harmony betwee