Final Paper

Dear Students, I am writing this letter to take you in a DISCOVERY THROUGH YOURSELF! I am writing to introduce to you the core

Final Reflection: Tools For Learning

The TOOLS that I am going to talk about in this reflection are Smart Board Slack Soliya Zoom Smart Board This tool

Coded Bias Film

The Most Significant 2-3 Things Learned The film investigates the consequences of MIT Media Lab researcher Joy Buolamwini’s

Digital Narrative Game Phase 5

NEW LINK FOR THE GAME:–1oeDyI9M/edit#slide=id.g121


Chosen Topic: Screening Surveillance Videos Chosen Video: Frames Video Link:

Soliya Reflection Paper

Question 1: How does Soliya dialogue in Connect Express differ from other types of online communication you are familiar with

Self Development

First and foremost, we need to identify what is self development. For me self development is attaining more skills and more ha

Digital Literacy Pathway Assignment Reflection

First and Foremost, in this assignment, I liked how it was organised and divided so that it is easier for us to use the guidel

Favourite SPOTS!

PATH: Tinkering Path ASSIGNMENT TYPE: Visual Assignment ASSIGNMENT LINK:

A Letter to My Mother!

PATH: Tinkering ASSIGNMENT TYPE: Writing Assignment ASSIGNMENT LINK: Dear