Final Reflection

This course was one of the most interesting courses I’ve taken since I joined AUC. If I were to choose the most importan

Contribute assignment

I suggest using a Ted Talk video about the online privacy called “How Data Brokers Sold my Identity”. In this talk

Soliya’s experience

Before participating in Soliya’s online communication program I was not interested at all, I thought to myself like why


WritingAssignments, WritingAssignments1910 Ten years from now I’ll be 31, I have no idea how my life will look like&hell

The Problem with Delete Facebook (April Glaser)

This article emphasizes how people are mad at facebook due to it extracting our own personal data and info through the ti

Do Not Track

For me this assignment was the most interesting, it made me realize a lot of privacy issues I’ve been hearing about and

Fake News Curation

We are surrounded by fake news almost everywhere but sometimes we tend to believe them (or at least me) even though some of th

Privacy and Algorithms Class Reflection

After reading the slides of the last class, I realized that we are starting to discuss a new theme which is privacy and algori

“know Yourself” Final Draft

Me and my friend, Yasmine made a game called “know yourself” that is designed to make people realize their un

Equity and Bias Theme Reflection

The very first thing that I believe all of us should really know and grasp very well is the difference between equity and equa