My last Core 2096 post 😭

I will truly miss everything about this course and I will miss blogging and reflecting on the different things that I have bee

My Contribution to Core 2096 Course

I have to say that this course gave me the opportunity to explore and experience different digital platforms and mediums that

Do not track

I watched the second episode titled “Breaking Ad“. This episode mainly tackles how the online tracking came to lif

Curation Assignment

For this assignment I have chosen to shed a light on a Facebook page named “Shagrha”; which is an environmental yo

My Soliya experience!

I knew while writing this post that it would be one of the most memorable ones because its about an experience I’ll neve

Part 3 of my Digital Game

There are many reasons why I have decided to go for the second game which is about a struggling family living in the outskirts


I am so happy to finally share with you a playable version of one of my two digital narrative games!I couldn’t quite dec

Design Justice

Sasha Chock’s article mainly tackles design justice; which is a theory and practice that focuses on how the formation of

My first attempt at creating a digital narrative game!

This is by far my shortest and most exciting blog post on “The Write in Shining Armour”! What I will be sharing wi

CLT Centennial Symposium

So last week I attended a very interesting keynote titled “Teaching in an Age of Complexity”; which was presented