Tools Reflection

We have used various tools in this class throughout the semester some of which were familiar and some of which were new. To be

Final Reflection

to begin with one of the most beneficial assignments that i have done in this course is without a doubt the digital literacies

Digital Literacies Pathway

Step 1: Digital Confidence Profile this is a screenshot that shows my digital confidence profile, throughout the semester i ha

Final Draft – Game Reflection

My game that i finished with Randa Tawfik is about social distancing in the times of the pandemic where the player is faced wi

Data Detox Kit Reflection

After watching the short video, most of the tips that they provided were either already being done or could not be applied. Fo

The Great Hack – movie reflection

This is the second time I watch this movie and I would like to say it is just as interesting the second time as it was the fir

DRAFT OF OUR GAME *we have finished 18

Games Reflection

SPENT – Playing SPENT was an eye opener, it shows how difficult life can be while being poor in am

Corona Virus Reflection

There has been a lot of memes, videos, news circulating the internet related to the corona virus. Some of which are funny and

Biases Reflection

I am an Egyptian 22 year old, I grew up in a well educated family and went to an american school and will soon be graduating f