Read, blog, comment

The first article talking about information equity and how does it affect personal agency was amazing, it had a lot of information that I didn’t realise before, and shows the importance of information that most people don’t realise it.. So, first we need to define what equity is. Equity is the quality of being fair, … Continue reading Read, blog, comment

Game Prototype

The prototype: “A day in a slums residence shoe” For our game, my partner and I wanted to raise awareness about a specific issue that faces a specific class in our community, which are those who are living informal life in slums. We want to create a game that would grab people attention and raise … Continue reading Game Prototype

CLT reflection

On 4th of March we were lucky to attend the CLT Student faculty partnership workshop, were we had a great talk, about some topics about how to change the way of learning, what we want to change about the university and most importantly the student partnership. I had a great talk with the professors and … Continue reading CLT reflection

Play Games

I can’t deny, I have really enjoyed playing Spent game, and think how would I survive with these small amount of money, after I also got fired after 10 days of working. It was a matter of choice, every decision will affect my next days, trying to manage my money to survive the whole month. … Continue reading Play Games

Digital literacy

Since I was young, I was always sitting on the computer, in my point of view the test reflect some of my skills Computer and technology were the most things I have used, it was my interest since I am 8 years old. Maybe am not professional yet, but the test is answers were clear … Continue reading Digital literacy