Final Reflection

Let’s start by saying that it was amazing course, to say the truth, some people warned me from taking this course because of the heavy workload, but I didn’t had any other course available, so I took this course. I didn’t regret my decision about taking the course, yes it might has a high workload, … Continue reading Final Reflection

Contribution assignment

To make our journey with digital Literacy more meaningful, we must encourage others to understand the term more. Therefore my contribution to this course would be to raise awareness on the topic on campus. Students in the course could have a booth and flyers that includes basic digital Literacy information and distribute them on campus. … Continue reading Contribution assignment

Do Not Track Assignment

            In my Do Not Track assignment, I was interested in watching a video within the title of “The Daily Me”, which describe how social media use our personal information to determine our interests and what the bubble filtration is and bubble opinion. Social media is now taking over newspaper, radio, and media, social media … Continue reading Do Not Track Assignment

Curation Assignment

The phenomenon am going to talk about is not famous for a lot of you, many of you will not know him but he is really growing more popular everyday on Facebook. Today am going to talk about Amir Mounir, who is an Islamic preacher. Amir was graduated from Cairo University majoring in pharmacy, after … Continue reading Curation Assignment

Soliya Reflection

l The experience I had with Soliya was entirely different than any other experience I had online. Soliya made me explore different cultures as well as exploring different aspects of my personality. The dialogue in Soliya was built on mutual respect of others. Thanks to the moderator we had, I was able to communicate with … Continue reading Soliya Reflection

Read, blog, comment

The first article talking about information equity and how does it affect personal agency was amazing, it had a lot of information that I didn’t realise before, and shows the importance of information that most people don’t realise it.. So, first we need to define what equity is. Equity is the quality of being fair, … Continue reading Read, blog, comment

Game Prototype

The prototype: “A day in a slums residence shoe” For our game, my partner and I wanted to raise awareness about a specific issue that faces a specific class in our community, which are those who are living informal life in slums. We want to create a game that would grab people attention and raise … Continue reading Game Prototype

CLT reflection

On 4th of March we were lucky to attend the CLT Student faculty partnership workshop, were we had a great talk, about some topics about how to change the way of learning, what we want to change about the university and most importantly the student partnership. I had a great talk with the professors and … Continue reading CLT reflection

Play Games

I can’t deny, I have really enjoyed playing Spent game, and think how would I survive with these small amount of money, after I also got fired after 10 days of working. It was a matter of choice, every decision will affect my next days, trying to manage my money to survive the whole month. … Continue reading Play Games