Final Draft Reflection on COVID-19 Diaries

Thankfully I did not have to change my COVID-19 Diaries too much, there were only mild corrections in the grammar and punctuat

Final Reflection

What I learned in this course (whether you gained knowledge, skills or attitudes), and what specifically helped me learn it (a

Reflection on Digital Tools

Zoom This was perhaps the newest and most dominant platform this semester, not only in my life but for the entire world.I pers

Pathway Reflections on Taught Path: All Aboard Stations

Presentation Skills & Tools: Something that I am very fond of and that people have often told me that I am a natural at is

Reflection on Soliya & Self-Care Conference

Connected Express Reflection Before I started Connect Express I was rather hesitant to sit and talk with random individuals fo

COVID-19 Diaries

This diary attempts to capture some of the experiences of students during the period of Covid-19. I felt that it was important

Background Research for Digital Narrative Game

The purpose of this game is to make the player engage emotionally to the extent that they feel what the subject is going throu

Reflection on “Getting Started with Online Learning for Students”

The online course titled Getting Started with Online Learning for Students is basically a summary of how one can familiarize h

Reflection on Digital Narrative Games

Depression Quest – This was perhaps one of the most powerful games I have ever played and definitely my favorite in comp

Me & My Biases

When someone asks me ‘who are you?’ I often just shut down because of the giant stream of information that rises w