Reflection on Cross-Cultural Communication: A Journey Through Connect Express

Taking part in Soliya’s Connect Express program has been a life-changing opportunity that offers a distinctive forum for fos

Final Reflection Part 2: Tools for Learning

Respectively: WordPress, Google Slides, Google Forms, Slack + Classroom, and AI

Final Reflection Part 1: Reflecting on the Course

What I learned in this course (whether you gained knowledge, skills or attitudes), and what specifically helped me learn it

Reflection on Final Assignment

Finally, after finishing the final assignment, let us go back through the steps taken to complete it and conclude. Firstly, I

Twisting Paths:

Tinkering This is my attempt to animate and depict this real-time situa

Digital Confidence Profile + Reflection on Article

The following article will be reflected on:

Final School Visit Interview

Hello everyone, and welcome to the last school visit reflection. However, with a slight twist, due to some unfortunate circums

Phase 3: Digital Narrative Game

Using the help of ai and cross referencing them with experiences of everyday driving my team and I created 15 great scenarios

School Visit

Part 2 Hello everyone! Wow! This is my blog on school visit #2 and where I should start. The experience had been eventful (tec

Reflecting on (VIA) Personal Survey

What were your top 5 character strengths? Were they what you expected, or were they different from what you expected? Prude