Final Reflection

In the beginning of this semester, I thought this course would be just like any regular core curriculum course, very time cons

Curation on Privacy and Algorithm

After exploring the topic of privacy and algorithm, there were many articles and videos that I loved because they discussed al

Internet Privacy Prank

I suggest using the video “Internet Privacy Prank” to discuss the topic of online privacy by raising awareness abo

Thoughts on the Soliya Experience

After participating in the Soliya online communication program, my view of it from the first day till now has changed a lot. A

Thoughts on “Don’t Track”

After going through the don’t track documentary, there are 3 episodes that stood out for me. The first one titled mornin

Thoughts on Fake News

The Nasa Girl video is something that stood out for me throughout a whole week of discussing fake news. It stood out for me be

Thoughts on Equity

After exploring the topic of equity, there was one sentence that stood out for me said by Joojoo Azad in her article &ldq

“Orphans by Heart” Game

The purpose of this game is to make people sympathize with orphans who grew up in orphanages by putting the players in their s

“Orphan by Heart” Game

“Orphan by Heart” Game

My game will be tackling the topic of how orphans feel and how they’re deprived of the simple basic things that we take