Final Reflection

In this blog-post I will be summing up and puzzling together my learning outcomes in this past semester. My view of the digita

Tools Reflection

Almost all of the tools used in this course is were very useful. The main four tools that interested me the most this semester

Digital Pathway: Digital Inclusion

The article “Understand The Issue” discuss that inclusion issues of all types are being underrepresented and uneth

Digital Literacies Pathway: Openness

The article called “Taxing Social Media In Africa”, discusses the lately common phenomenon of governments in Afric

Digital Pathways: Privacy and Security

The article is called ’23 Reasons Not To Reveal Your DNA’. The article basically issues the topic of revealing any

Digital Literacies Pathway Goals

I will choose to take the path of a theoretical digital pathway, as it gives me an all round perspective of the knowledge I ne

Digital Pathways: Step 1 + 2

There is a huge difference between digital literacies and digital skills. Digital skills are the ability to use digital ground

War In Translation

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Algorithms Of Opression Annotations:


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