Tools Reflection

1- Zoom: Throughout this semester we only used Zoom twice for our class. One time was for our class with Zan and the other tim

Final Reflection

Overall, I am very glad to have taken this course since I gained a lot of knowledge that I don’t think I would’ve gained i

Digital Literacies Pathways

Digital Confidence Profile: Conducting this digital profile quiz made me recognize the skills I am comfortable in and the skil

Digital Narrative Game Final Reflection Creating thi

Soliya Reflection

(Attended all 4 sessions) Sessions Overview: During my experience in the Connect express program this past month, I can gladly

Part 2-Digital Narrative Game

The idea that Menna and I want to focus on is the limitations of Having strict parents or non-strict parents. Growing up with

Gratitude Journal and Wheel Of Life

While going through the three options given for self-development. I found that Gratitude journaling would be the best option f

Reflection on Digital Narrative Games

1- Spent: As i played spent, I realized all the financial responsibilities that parents have to think ab

What I Hear When You Say-White Privilege The idea of white pride is so ludicrously bizarre to me, given that whit


As I read the article entitled “The problem of Othering: Towards Inclusiveness and Belonging” written by John A. Powell an