Final Reflection

CORE 2096 Spring 2021      Taking the core 2096 class with Dr. Maha Bali this semester was merely a learning experience f

My Gratitude journal – Appreciate the Little Things

I do not think that most of us take some minutes of their day to recognize how some technological devices are the main actors

My Gratitude Journal – Family First

Blood is thicker than water, right? Today I want to share a very important thing that is always on my mind but I never put it

Reflecting on Soliya Connect Program

     During the experience of Soliya exchange portal sessions, I felt so happy and contented that I had the chance to deal

Digital Narrative Game: phase 5 (Live with my Anxiety for a Day)

Rawan M. Ibrahim & Nora Abdelwahab, May 10th, 2021. After getting the chance to experience creating a game for the first t

My Digital Literacies Pathway

On the personal level, I really liked the idea of this assignment, it took more time than expected but I gained more knowledge

Coded Bias

(n.d.). Retrieved from 1.Choose 2-3 quotes/ideas from the film (or other sources) that

Digital Narrative Game phase 4 (Live with my Anxiety for a Day)

This game was made by Nora Abdelwahab and Rawan Mohannad. The purpose of this game is to show the players a day in a life of a

Something Delightful

Reflecting on Mays Imad Session

     Mays Imad is a very passionate and a lovely person, I remember when we had to watch one of her videos/ articles calle