Final Reflection

1. What I learned in this course: In this course I was able to learn about different aspects of life and I gained new skills a

Self-Development 3 (Gratitude Journal)

Gratitude journal is a new way of reflecting my feelings I just learned about in my course. I thought that writing about it an

Self-Development 2

In 2021, I decided to focus on myself and leave behind all the negativity. I started this year with some goals, I made the dec


Before the pandemic started, I was living in the dorms, and at this time of the semester I gained my confidence and started jo

Phase 5:The Final Game Draft (Game Reflection)

Link: The story behind thi

Soliya Reflection

In the beginning I did not know what I was signing up for the Soliya program was exactly like the Computer science codes. I ca

Game First Draft

Digital Literacies

Step 1: a) Digital confidence profile b) Screenshot Step 2:  Knowing Difference Between Digital Skills and Digital Literacies

Coded Bias (Black Boxes)

Every minute in Coded Bias had a new surprise for me, my mind could not understand how the Bias is everywhere and could not st

Game first Draft (Home to University) done by: Google slide