Final Reflection

As a final reflection for the course, I thought I would integrate one of the most fun tools that I have used in the course whi

Tools Reflection

Honestly, at the beginning of the course, I didn’t really know that we would be learning various tools as I thought the

Reflection on The Great Hack

I felt during the whole movie that there was this message that all we need to stand up for what is happening in regards to inv

Digital Literacy Pathway

Reflection on each exercise followed by a final reflection on the whole experience I choose to follow the twisting path becaus

Information Equity Article (Reflection)

The topic of Information Equity is definitely something that I am not subjected to very often and this allowed me to highlight

Soliya Reflection

I will start of by saying that I started off the Soliya experience without any former experience  in online communication

Digital Game Final Draft

The idea of the game is to present a storyline of a character to the player and allow the players to control the character&rsq

Digital Narrative Game/Empathy Project (Link)

The idea of the game was to allow the users to intervene in the character’s life to later on reflect on his/her own life

Digital Narrative Games

After playing the 2 games (Spent and Syrian refugee) in class and having a discussion about them and then continuing to play 4


Is our education ready for it in Egypt? Due to the spread of the coronavirus, there are many talks about converting courses in