Final Reflection Part 2

During the semester, we used a lot of digital tools to help us finish out certain tasks. Some of the tools that we used were o

Final Reflection Part 1

I’m writing this letter to Karim, my friend who is thinking about joining this course next semester. Dear Karim, How have yo

Digital Literacies Pathway Reflection

By the end of our academic semester, we were asked by our professor to do an assignment about a digital literacies pathway of

Digital Literacies Pathway

For this assignment, I chose the “Tinkering” path. The “Vogue Challenge” Design Assignment The Vogue Challenge was a w

Digital Profile

This screenshot represents my digital profile. However, I re-did the quiz twice, but no words appear in the boxes except for t

Final Reflection and Game Draft

Parenting Techniques Game For the digital narratives game assignment, we were required to choose a topic that we build our gam

Soliya Reflection

During this semester, our Core class had the pleasure of attending an online program that connected people from different part

Parenting Techniques Game

Draft I The “Parenting Techniques” game will revolve around a number of situations, specifically ten, that parents are lia

Parenting Techniques Game

The theme of my game will be about parenting. It would revolve around what a parent would do in different difficult situations

Self Development

In the zoom session that was held on Wednesday the 13th of October, Mays Imad was speaking about the trauma-informed educatio