Final Reflection

This course has been one of the most interesting courses i took. I’m so glad that i was able to take it as a freshman although it’s a course for juniors and seniors only.Here is my final reflection:

Curation Assignment

“Social Media Phenomenon” Salma Nassar When I got this assignment, I started thinking about the app that I use the most, which is Instagram. Egyfunnysociety is a page on Instagram that has more than 792,000 followers which are more than half a million followers. It posts funny memes and comics, around four posts daily. This … Continue reading Curation Assignment

Narrative Game Last Draft

Salma Nassar

Fatema Mohamed

Here is the link to the final draft of our narrative game.The game is about a social issue that most of us can relate to, which is Harassment.Try playing different roles to see the problem from different perspectives…