Final Reflection

During this course, I have gained a lot of knowledge related to real life issues that we are living in by reading articles and

Tool Reflection

Throughout the course we have been exposed to a lot of digital tools. Some of them I was already familiar with beforehand and

Digital Literacies Pathway

I chose the twisting path from the digital literacies pathway which is mainly composed of two different paths and I decided to

Soliya Reflection

Soliya is an international connect program that offers online discussions through Exchange Portal. It helps people from all ar

Final Draft of the Digital Narrative Game

SPREAD JOY The feedback I received was that some of the scenarios are missing consequences when the player make a choice. Ther

The Great Hack Movie

The Great Hack movie sheds the light on very important occurring issues, it shows the world the tendency o

Digital Narrative game (1st draft)

The Game:  The digital narrative game I created is called  “Spread Joy&rdq

Digital Narrative Game Research

After playing the six games we were assigned to a couple of weeks ago and while reflecting about how I felt both during and af

Time Management for Online Learning

Due to the current situation that we are in,  I feel really confused and I am still trying to adapt. Being quarantined an

Digital Narrative Games

Since I got to play six different games, I will be summing up my experience with each game, what I felt and learned from each