The Ai tools reflection draft that was inserted to Grammerly and Chat gpt

Dear reader, my last post was not my previous goodbye after all, As this will be the last one.So i used so many tools this sem

Part one…

Hi again

Hey there, Looks like I’m back for one final hurrah! Or at least, I think so. Let’s call this Part Two. So, this semester

Gaining badges from all aboard

I started an entertaining journey, earning two simple podcasts and digital skill badges for cellphones, learning how to make c

Knowing the Difference Between Digital Skills and Digital Literacies, and Teaching Both

I see areas in which my digital skills allign well with prof Bali’s comparison of digital skills and digital literacy, as we


Hey there, Unfortunately, this will be my final post on this blog. It’s been quite a journey! Honestly, if it weren’t mand

“The last school visit which I sadly missed”

The last school visit was tough for me because I couldn’t say goodbye to the students of Ramy Helal. Instead, I’ll share t

Soliya and chagrined Hopes :(

Although there were great expectations for cross-cultural collaboration before the intercultural Zoom conference began, a numb

Our Game

Developing a point-of-view game with Youssef and  Ezz was a lot of fun. We collaborated and built the game using Google Slide

Decoding Me

What were your top 5 character strengths? Were they what you expected or were they different from what you expected?