Final Reflection

This is where we part ways. Before getting into sharing my experience with this course, I would like to thank Dr. Maha for mak

Digital Literacies Pathway

Knowing where you stand in digital literacy can be quite tricky. Thankfully, we all had to test our digital confidence profile

Phase 5 – Final Draft

We have finally reached the final part of our game. Zeina and I have put so much thought and effort in creating a game that’


Throughout the semester, we have been using many tools that I was personally familiar with, like Twitter, Zoom, Google slides

Phase 4 – Draft 1

For this next phase of our game “Future”, Zeina and I have carefully selected different types of advanced technologies tha

Phase 3 – Research

Zeina, my partner, and I decided to create a game that revolves around the technological advances that we are currently facing

Digital Narrative Games – Phase 2

After taking the time to play these digital narrative games, and truly go through glimpses and experiences of some people’s


Empathy is not something you can explain to someone, it is something you feel deeply towards something or someone. It is a fee

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

I have played a total of six games, all different from each other. They did not have the same context, yet had one thing relat

Diffusing Bias

“We are all biased without exception” are words Binna Kandola said in his talk about diffusing bias, which you can find he