final reflection 2

Throughout this course, we have used several tools; while some were familiar others were new. In this blog post I’ll discuss

final reflection 1

Letter to students: Dear colleagues!  Hope everything is good and you enjoyed the semester. Certainly, I did! I would like to

digital literacy #3

Reflective Blogspot: As I sit down to reflect on my recent digital literacy assignment, I am filled with a sense of accomplish

digital literacy #2

Reflection on “How to research and write with AI tools” Reflection on AI tools: After finishing this course, I found the c

digital literacy #1

Reflection on the article “Knowing the Difference Between Digital Skills and Digital Literacies, and Teaching Both” by Mah

Final Soliya Reflection

Participating in the Solia program was an incredibly enriching experience that exposed me to a diverse group of individuals of

Final school visit reflection

Our school visit initially faced challenges due to the absence of our team maestro  Shahd and the early departure of Ezz due

Game phase 3

Scenario 1: Taxi Driver  C1: First Day as a Taxi Driver, you see your former boss needing a ride: C2: You share your story, a


What are you good at? (list as many as you like) What do you love (list as many as you like, and note overlap with #1

Reflection on school visit:

Initial Text: Prompt:Write a reflection using the information below: AI- generated Text:During our recent group gathering, we