Final Reflection

When I thought about the learning outcomes of the courses that I took at the end of the semester, I found that what I gained f

Contribute Assignment

When I first thought about the contribution assignment, I got so many ideas coming across my mind. I believe that this is beca

Soliya Reflection paper

Before trying Soliya’s communication program, I heard about the chat rooms and the online communicating programs that al

Do Not Track Reflection

Do not track, according to their website, is a personalized web series about privacy and the web economy. They published seven

Curation Assignment “Fake News”

Social media platforms have been used recently for many purposes other than entertaining, communicating, stalking, or even wor

Game Final Draft “Know Yourself”

If you are reading this article and haven’t tried the game yet I would like you to try it, and to read the game descript

Equity Theme Reflection

Mixing up between equity and equality definitions is a common thing between many people. Therefore, understanding the definiti

Know Yourself Game “First Draft”

Link to the game:

Game Topic

Being judged by someone who doesn’t know you is one of the most annoying things that might happen to anyone. Usually peo

Reflecting on Online Games

Our class have been discussing the empathy and bias theme through the past couple of weeks, but since discussions are never en