Final Reflection.

I have been postponing this for a while because I don’t know from where should I start. Since the semester is coming to

Digital Literacies Path

I chose the Twisting Path, below is one Theory, one Taught, and one Tinkering path. I wanted to give them all a try to see wha

Tools Reflection

This semester I got introduced to several platforms that I never even heard about before. It kept the course interesting becau

Soliya Reflection

Soliya was my first experience ever in an online exchange portal. My thoughts at the beginning was that I was super nervous ab

Digital Equity

Digital Equity is a topic we have discussed before in class but these two readings gave me much more insight to the topic. The

Passing Information

The recent link for the game :

Passing Infromation

This is the first draft of the game. It is still unfinished ; we tried to have a lot of links to make it interactive but that

Game Scenarios

Nour and I decided we would work on the scenarios on our own and see the results so we can have a variety of scenarios to use.


I am working a long side with Nouran Akef to develop a game about rumors. We will use a lot of our personal experience along s

Reflection on Knowing the Difference Between Digital Skills and Digital Literacies

“Digital skills focus on what and how. Digital literacy focuses on why, when, who, and for whom.” You often would