My Digital Literacy Path

My first experiences with digital literacy I have been studying digital literacy since preschool, or have I? Since my childhood, my parents and my school teachers used to teach us how to search for resources online. I remember my very early PowerPoint presentation. It was very ironic, as it was about how to do a […]

Games Reflection

1- Democracy: Democracy is an administration/government simulation game that was first created in 2005. The player plays as if they are the president or PM of a popularity based government. The player must present and change policies in a variety of areas – tax, economy, welfare, international strategy, transport, law and public services. Every approach […]

My Side of Othering and Belonging

As the authors begin by their definition of Othering, I can see their attempts to offer a more general word for discrimination. It is true that in many situations I fail to properly describe the type of discrimination a group of people have faced or even did. Therefore, offering a general word to encapsulate these […]