Digital literacies pathway (step 3)

I chose to watch the course How to research and write with AI tools, and it is amazing! My favorite quote of the course is “

Digital literacies pathway (step 1 and 2)

I got these results, but I think the questions were not enough to assess my true confidence. but I’d say the real reason why

Final reflection part 2

Classroom special tech & furniture I’ll start with this one becuase it is by far my favourite. Why? becuase of how it tr

Final reflection part 1

Starting off with the thing that might be shocking to some people who know me and to myself, is that I have never used AI tool

Solyia Reflection

After attending Solyia, I could say i got a confirmation on a perspective I had before. My group was quite diverse, we were 3

3rd school visit

Today November 28th I went to my last school visit and it was amazing! I don’t know why or how but I can say the secret ingr

Project phase 3

in this phase I decided to make a game about cyber hygiene and good practices. I plan to make the game on Tiwne but I am still

Who am I?

What were your top 5 character strengths? Were they what you expected or were they different from what you expected? After i t


On October 31st, we went for our second visit to the Ramy Helal school. As usual I am so bad at memorizing names and hence for

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What have you learned intellectually so far? What have you learned intellectually about the topics we’ve covered so far? Ple