Final Reflection

Unlike any other course I took in this university, I learned a lot of different things in this course. Things that would not o

Digital Literacy Step 3

Step 3 was about choosing our digital literacy pathway and setting out goal based on what we chose. I decided to choose the Th

Digital Literacy Step 1 & 2

One way to assess our digital literacy skills. was doing the digital confidence profile. Therefore we were asked to take this

Reflective Learning Journal

The pandemic has been a rough experience for the whole world. It has impacted our life in many ways and implemented fear from

Tools For Learning

Many of the tools we have used this semester were interesting for me. We have used some tools that I already used before such


Yassin and I hope we can create a game to raise awareness about one of the greatest problems that the world is facing today, w

Reflection on Empathy

By definition, empathy is how one can truly understand the feeling of another. This feeling was clearly reflected on the BBC S

Digital Narratives Reflection

Spent: This game is obviously created to make one realize that it is not easy to be living with an

Binna Kandola: Diffusing Bias

In his talk, Binna Kandola mentions several points whom i found very convincing and instantly believed. Kandola started by emp

My Journey Around the Globe

So far this course has been added to my list of courses that i enjoyed in university. One of the reasons is because of the sim