More than just a course

Where to start… this doesn’t feel like an assignment to me, it feels more like me actually writing in my daily bl

Da7ee7 in Digital Literacy

This is an episode of the YouTube “el da7ee7” who makes weekly episodes on the Channel AJ+ on Youtube and in his e

Mohamed Shaarawy

Being able to master and control Digital Literacies. is something that a lot have aimed at but only few have truly succeeded.

Do Not Track…

I chose to watch episode 7 do not track which is titled” To change the future click here”. I found the title very

Soliya Reflection!

When first informed about the idea of Soliya and how it would be a mandatory task in my course I thought it was unnecessary as

“Imprint” Reflection

  Since the First draft my game has improved by a considerable margin. As it was my first time to be doing this kind of w

Youssef's Journal 2019-04-04 08:07:40

This is my game about environmental damage that takes place everyday because of small habits and actions that we might think i

Digital Redlining and Information Equity

In our daily life we are indispensably using the internet whether using our smartphones or computers but not all of us know th


This game represents a vital issue that is increasing in our everyday life and that people must pay attention to, that is the

Just Do It (CLT Symposium)

I had the opportunity to attend the student-faculty partnership workshop on March 4th which surpassed my expectations and gave