Digital Literacy

For this assignment, we had to do a digital confidence profile to see where we stand in digital literacies. Here is my digital

Phase 5: Final Draft

Now that we have reached the final part of our game. I would like to first reflect on the process of this task and secondly de

Final Reflection

I always found a difficulty in writing the topic sentence of the final reflection paper. Because I never knew where to start f

Soliya Reflection

They usually say that experiences teach you life. In my opinion, the best life experiences are the ones that include diversity

Tools for Learning

Throughout this course, we have used several tools, whether for communication or assignments. I was newly introduced to Slack,

Reflective Learning Journal in Fall 20

I think we can all agree on the fact that COVID- 19 has been a difficult time for us all. 2020 has not been the year we all dr

Phase 4 Draft 1

As you know by now, the topic that my partner, Tala, and I have chosen for our digital narrative game is the “Future.” We

Phase-3 Research

The game that my partner Tala and I chose will be revolving around the technological advances that we are currently facing and

Ethical Balancing Workshop

When I signed up for the Ethical Balancing workshop, I knew that it would be a unique experience. It was one of the reasons I

Digital Narrative Games- Phase 2

My partner Tala and I have chosen our game’s topic to be about the “Future.” The future is scary, and none of us know wh