digital pathway

After I read the article and completed the digital confidence test, I can say that I have a good amount of digital knowledge,

Digital Narrative Game – final phase with the reflection

I have never created a game using Google Forms, but it was an enjoyable experience. Furthermore, it taught me something import

AI literacy

After reading the article and listening to the podcast. Refer to the one I chose here: How should I be using AI right now? htt

My Digital Literacy Pathway


  What I have learned from the following course: How to research and write with AI tools     AI could be a thread or an opp

Digital Literacies Pathway

Digital profile results & reflection After reading the article and reviewing my digital profile results, I found that I la


AI Literacy Assignment

Part 1: “Where are the crescents in AI?” What I have learned from Dr. Maha Bali: I have never thought that AI is biased. I

Digital narrative game part 4 – write here (read instructions then delete all this text to start writing) Write

Digital Narrative Games assignment description

PART 1: Play Some Digital Narrative Games After a short introduction to the idea of “narrative” or “choose-your-own-adve