Reciprocity of Openness

At some point in the summer, I realized that people who were having to teach online because of COVID-19 were struggling about

Video Inspirations for Kinesthetic Class Activities RE Bias, Othering, Etc #unboundeq

For a long time, my students have asked me to do more in-class activities similar to my modified privilege walk which focuses

Play Digital Student Games and Give Feedback Please #unboundeq

They are finally here!!! The digital narrative games my students created to build empathy. I am obviously more enthusiastic ab

Feedback Please on My Students’ Game Ideas #unboundeq

As with the past few semesters, my students are creating their own choose-your-own adventure narrative digital games. It reall

Games Reflection

Reflecting on games is quite an enjoyable task. Growing up, and still up till this day, playing games whether online or on my

Connected, but alone?

I changed the idea of my game into something else. It’s basically getting the player a glimpse of how much he places soc


I still haven’t finished but i’ll post the progress till know. corrections will be made though. https://docs.googl

Survival Gender Game   This is

a draft of my game this is a google doc form, i choose to do my

Illiteracy Game! Advertisements