Final Course Reflection Part II

Final Reflection Part 2 In class, we’ve been using many AI and technology tools that were very useful to me. Here are the si

Game reflection phase 5

Part 5 : final draft (game) The game assignment was a very interesting and fun assignment as i chose to create a game about fa

Game Phase 5 reflection Since the first feedback,

final reflection part 2

In the course we have used quite the number of tools and mentioned  many others without using them. while all of them was ben

final reflection part 1

looking for a course that will significantly enhance your personal, academic, and professional life? I have the one for oyu. C

Final Core Reflection – Part 1

The end It is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to this course. At the very beginning of the semester, I stated on my ALTC

Final Reflection Part (2) How the tools we used enhanced our learning/enjoyment journey

Throughout this course, we have been introduced to a variety of tools, from physical games that we played in class, interactiv

Final Reflection Part 1: Reflecting on the Course

Final Reflection Part 1: Reflecting on the Course After finishing this course, I can say that it was a surprise for me to have

Final Core Reflection – Part 2

Tools In this course, we used a myriad of tools that were of great help. Some of these tools I’ve already known about, such

Final Game Draft & Reflection In my game, I was able to