Choose your Digital Literacies Pathway

Digital Confidence Profile Firstly, the digital confidence profile, is all about measurements of my digital skills levels, kno

Final Reflection tools

Throughout the semester, I have used more than one tool to improve my skills which I will definitely use again, such as PowerP

Final Reflection

At the beginning of the semester, I needed clarification about what that course was about and the course process. Ithe was not

Final Reflection – Part 2

Midjourney This tool was the one that amazed me the most this semester. I made an account and experimented with it for a while

Reflection on Tools for Learning

1. Slack, during the course we used slack as a platform to communicate during class and away. It was very easily accessible ma

Final Reflection Part 2

01 What I learned was how to create my blog website through WordPress. It was challenging to set it up, and I ha

Final Reflection Guidelines Part 2: Tools for Learning

Slack was a very easy tool for communication either for us or the professor because it is easier to check and the separating c

Final Reflection Part 1

1- What I learned in this course  Hello, dear future enrolled students to this amazing course with the most helpful and open-

Final reflection 2

Google Forms One of the apps that I used on Google Drive for the first time is Google Forms. I really benefited from this tool

Final Reflection part II

Dear future students,Today, I’ll be taking you on a journey with me to talk about some learning tools in some depth. I’ll