Game Final Reflection

FOOD DISORDER PART:   This experience is considered one of the most enjoyable experiences

Soliya Reflection

At first, I was very Delighted to meet new people from different countries. This is one of the things that enhance my personal


My Profile:   After doing the digital confidence profile diagram, it was clear to me what part I am outstanding in and what

Digital Literacies Pathway

Step 1: Step 2:  Strengths and areas for improvement: Based on the test above, I discovered that I was competent in identity

My Wellness Gift Basket

Hope you enjoy!

Digital Narrative Game Part 4

Aly Fahmy Adham Sakkijha  Farah Nashaat   Part 4 Narrative Game  Blogpost   Our game talks about mental health issues and

My Wellness Basket

Lavender scented candle : For me, candles bring a very warm and calm feeling especially lavender scented candles. The scent of


I made a presentation for my wellness gift basket. Here’s the link:

Wellness Gift Basket

Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Wellness Gift Basket

I did a powerpoint presentation for the Wellness Gift Basket. Here is the link for the powerpoint presentation: https://docs.g