Final Reflection Part 1: Reflecting On the course

*If images are unclear you can view the original slides below: •Phase 5: Game & Reflection.

Privacy: Make-up for Classes Missed During Vacations #1

I explored the Do not track interactive documentary: The most significant things I learned are that I am tracked online with w

Phase 5 Reflection Doing this game was very

Privacy: Make-up for Classes Missed During Vacations #1

Video: Frames The Most Significant 2/3 Things Learned The fir

Coded Bias reflection

Before watching the documentary “Coded Bias” I was listening to the word algorithms but I did not have any idea about what

Coded Bias Film

The Most Significant 2-3 Things Learned The film investigates the consequences of MIT Media Lab researcher Joy Buolamwini’s

Privacy: Make-up for Missed Class

First of all, this was the first time for me to ever experience an interactive documentary. I was intrigued by the title “Do

Digital Narrative Game Part 5

The game was modified as per Dr. Bali’s comments on part 4 of the game and some of changes were made; firstly, there were a

Reflection on Screening Surveillance

I watched the 4 videos on screening surveillance and I saw new experiences that I have never seen before. There are many thing

Self Development-Meditation and Visualization

For my self development I have chosen to try meditation. I have always heard about the benefits of meditation but I haven’t