Part 2 Digital Narrative Games

I decided that my topic will be about the 5 stages of grief. I chose this topic as it was something I went through after my da

Digital Narrative Games

Game 1: Spent ( )Having a specific budget with certain responsibilities and how some decisions might lea

CLT Symposium AI Panel Reflection

The words people thought of about the AI made me believe from their perspectives, such as “risky”, which shows the risk th

Model Minority (video)

The first thought for me when I read the video’s title was how they are perfect people but are a minority, so they are not s

Race Card (video)

I chose the Race Card as I was interested to know the meaning of this phrase as I immediately related to racism, but I thought

Digital Narrative Games: Phase 1

Skills Practice: A Home Visit:  Link: Skills Practice: A Home Visit At first, I thought this would be a relatively easy game

Digital narrative games

The games I played: 1.sleep deprived mom game. You would think taking care of kid is kind of straightforward however this game

Games Reflections

In Class Game 1:Spent  I played the spent and it made me feel responsible and made me think like a parent. For example, I ref

Digital Narrative Games

I’ve played Spent, BBC Syrian Refugees, September 7th, 2020, Sleep-deprived mom game, and Gender Equality (Mohamed and Fatma

Digital Narrative Games

Spent: In the video game Spent, players had to decide between their own survival and other needs. The player had to choose the