Final Reflection on the course.

Hello AUC students, this is a letter that shows my experience in the digital literacy course and I hope to give you good feedb

Tools for learning reflection.

One of the most important questions that I was asking myself about before taking this course is what are these new classrooms

Coded Bias reflection

Before watching the documentary “Coded Bias” I was listening to the word algorithms but I did not have any idea about what

screening surveillance.

When I was choosing the topic that I will write about and I saw this title (screening surveillance) I was very excited to know

The game phase 5 ( final reflection)

In the first draft I was trying as much as I could to make the best version possible. I spent a lot of time finishing it becau

Self development and wellbeing assignment.

When I started to listen to the first video entitled How is Your Heart? Trauma-Informed Pedagogy a very important question pop

Reflection on the digital confidence profile test and the Path assignment.

While I was doing the test I started to think of what I am good at and what I need to improve in my profile. At first I was wo

Soliya Final Reflection.

When I was asked to join soliya I was not interested that much because of many reasons but the most important reason was that

The reflection on step 1 and 2. The digital confidence profile and the article.

When I was asked to do the test I was not aware of its goal but while I was doing it I started to realize its goal. When I saw

Tinkering path writing assignment (to my mom)

Hello my everything in the world. I want to write this letter to you to try telling you how much I love you and appreciate wha